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Thomas Head’s Essays on Hagiography from the ORB Website

The late Thomas Head’s introductory essays and bibliographies on hagiographical topics, which were published on, are beloved by many scholars and teachers.  With the ORB website now defunct, the Hagiography Society embarked on a process to make these essays once again available to the general public in a manner allowed by the copyright permissions after consulting with the estate of Tom Head and the former host institution of ORB.  The essays appear below as PDF files.  Please note that highlighted text in the files indicating links will not work, but the essays and bibliographies themselves are otherwise preserved as they had been published.

Thomas Head: “Hagiography”

Thomas Head: “The Cult of the Saints and Their Relics”

Thomas Head: “Women and Hagiography in Medieval Christianity”

Thomas Head: “The Development of Hagiography and the Cult of the Saints in Western Christendom to the Year 1000”

Thomas Head: “The Development of Hagiography and the Cult of the Saints in the Later Middle Ages: The Example of the Kingdom of France from the Capetian Accession to the Reformation”

Thomas Head: “The Holy Person in Comparative Perspective”

Thomas Head: “An Introductory Guide to Research in Medieval Hagiography”

Thomas Head: “A Brief Guide to Scholarship on Western Hagiography”

Thomas Head: “The Legacy of Andre Vauchez’s Sainthood in the Later Middle Ages”

Thomas Head: “Bibliographies” – This is a single file of circa 100 pages that compiles the contents of ten different bibliographies that he created and made available online (all copyright 1999).  The contents include: A Guide to the Sources of Late Antique and Medieval Hagiography; The Cult of the Saints in the Late Roman Empire; The Cult of the Saints in the Barbarian Kingdoms; The Cult of the Saints in the Carolingian Empire; The Cult of the Saints from the Tenth through the Twelfth Centuries; New Saints of the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries; Female Sanctity in the Later Middle Ages; The Mendicant Orders and Sanctity in the Later Middle Ages; The Culture of Devotion in the Later Middle Ages; and A General Bibliography for Research in the History of Medieval Christianity.


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