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The Hagiography Society receives submissions for monographs, edited volumes, and translations on a rolling basis. Please consult the Book Series tab on this website about how to submit a proposal for our Sanctity in Global Perspective book series.

CFPs, International Congress on Medieval Studies (May 9-11, 2024), Kalamazoo

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All those interested in presenting a paper are encouraged to submit their abstract directly to the Confex system ( before September 15th.

  • Saints and Crisis: Saints and the End of Days (In person, ID 4986)
  • Saintly Voices, Worldly Noise: Sounding Nature and the Supernatural in Medieval Hagiography (Virtual, ID 4999)
  • Broken Bodies: Relic-Making and Embodiment in Hagiographic Sources (Hybrid, ID 4994)
  • Spiritual G(Race): Race & Medieval Hagiography (In person, ID 5002)
  • Saints and Sermons-co-sponsored by IMSSS (In person, ID 4987)
  • Publishing New Work in Medieval Religion and Hagiography: A Workshop—co-sponsored by Journal of Medieval Religious Cultures (A Roundtable, in person, ID 5075)
  • Holy Bishops: Bishops, the Cult of Saints and Holiness in the Medieval World-co-sponsored by EPISCOPUS (ID 5060)
  • Holy Iberia—co-sponsored with The American Academy of Research Historians of Medieval Spain (AARHMS), In person

Saints, Sanctity, Hagiography, and Crisis: Call for Papers for Session Proposal at the International Medieval Congress (IMC 2024), University of Leeds, July 1-4, 2024

In recent years, the word “crisis” has come to dominate the perception of and discourse about the world we live in. Yet, “crisis” has been used to describe many things in many time periods, including the Middle Ages. Scholars have begun to see “crisis” as both a phenomenon to be explored and a category of analysis to be applied. Yet, what exactly is a “crisis” and when they occurred, for whom was it one? It could be personal, public, minor, or devastating. It can include climate and environmental issues such as epidemics, famines, and floods, political issues such as the breakdowns of dynasties and popular revolts, and socio-cultural issues such as religious apocalypticism and the questioning of faith. Furthermore, saints and other venerated individuals were present at times of crisis. This panel, which is being sponsored by the Hagiography Society, will explore the role these individuals, the texts about
them in all genres, and the concept of sanctity played before, during, and after “crisis” broadly conceived.

This panel is looking to explore the relationship between sanctity and crisis from an interdisciplinary, multi-thematic, and global perspective and welcomes papers that address any related questions, including but not limited to:

  • What role did saints or other venerated individuals play in times of crisis?
  • What crises, broadly defined, did saints or other venerated individuals face?
  • Did crises lead to veneration, sanctification, and canonization?
  • What do hagiographic and hagiological texts tell us about crisis, broadly defined?
  • How were these texts and individuals, both real and constructed, used to cope with crisis, both external and internal?
  • How does the relationship between sanctity, texts, and crisis vary across time, place, and tradition?
  • By looking at these relationships, do the analytical category and actual phenomenon of crisis -help us to deconstruct or at least problematize sanctity, saints, or hagiographical texts?

Please submit a 250- 400-word proposal (in English) for a 15-20-minute paper, a 100-word abstract of the paper, and a short CV, of no more than 800 words, including e-mail, institution, and profession. The session is planned to be in-presence. Please submit all relevant documents by 10 September, 2023, to Nikolas Hoel at and/or Silvio Lorenzo Ruberto at


The Hagiography Society typically sponsors paper and/or roundtable sessions at several conferences each year, and our membership generally writes the proposals for the sessions the Society submits to conference organizers.

For the next round of conferences, please keep in mind the following dates by which you will need to submit to the Society the proposals to be sponsored by the Society. Be in touch with me, Anna Harrison, program coordinator, to submit proposals and with any questions or comments on the process.

  • Sixteenth-Century Society: Proposals due to HS on MARCH 15, 2023 (Due to SCS early April)
  • American Academy of Religion: Proposals due to HS APRIL 15, 2023  (Due to AAR early May, 2023)
  • International Congress of Medieval Studies (Kalamazoo): Proposals due to HS on MAY 15, 2023 (Due to ICMS June 1, 2023)
  • Renaissance Society of America: Proposals due to HS on JULY 15, 2023 (Due to RSA around August 15, 2023)
  • International Medieval Congress—University of Leeds: Proposals due to HS on SEPTEMBER 1, 2023 (Due to IMC September 30, 2023)

The Heroic Age: A Journal of Early Medieval Northwestern Europe is delighted to release their general and themed CALL FOR PAPERS for 2022-2024. For more information regarding each of the following themes, please consult the journal website:
Themed subjects include:
1) Teaching the Early Middle Ages. Submissions are due September 30, 2022 (now past)

2) Identity in Late Antiquity. Submissions are due May 31, 2023

3) Global Contexts and Contact. Submissions are due May 31, 2024

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