The Hagiography Society held elections for two positions in Spring 2013. Kathleen Ashley stepped down as President after three years of dedicated service. Alison Frazier, of the University of Texas-Austin, has replaced her. Amy Ogden was re-elected for another term as secretary-treasurer. Sara Ritchey was appointed as the Program Chair, made vacant by Alison Frazier leaving to assume the duties of her new position as President.  In 2015 we will be running elections for three positions: Nominations Chair, Programming Chair, and Communications Chair.  To nominate someone or yourself for one of these positions, please contact the current Nominations Chair, Jennifer N. Brown (contact info. on “About” page).

The Society at Kalamazoo and Leeds 2014

We have four sessions this year at Kalamazoo and two at Leeds. Details on Hagiography Society sponsored sessions at Kalamazoo and Leeds are available in the March 2014 newsletter (available on “News” page).

Book Series

Plans are underway to have a Hagiography Society book series with Ashgate Publishing. Please look forward to more information on the series and the constitution of the editorial board soon.

Travel Award

The Hagiography Society has created a new graduate student travel award in honor of the founder and past President (and current Historian) of the Society, Sherry L. Reames. Please see the link to the page above for more information or to donate to the fund.

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